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Why the tagline, The Little Green Miracles?

We at Wuji believe both Chlorella and Spirulina are true miracles of nature. In fact, we believe nature and life are miracles.

It has been said that "miracles are not contrary to nature but what we understand about nature". Both Chlorella and Spirulina have been growing on the Earth for billions of years.

They hold promise not only in supporting a healthy expression for millions of people but promise in other industries as well. The health benefits of chlorella and spirulina is where we really get excited.

Millions of individuals around the world have taken and benefited in a variety of ways from consuming chlorella and spirulina. Your body needs quality plant-based nutrients to provide the right nutrient resources on a cellular level to function optimally.

Chlorella and Spirulina are a great way to add these nutrients for a high density of nutrient with low calories.